How much does a piano tuning or repair cost?


Piano tuning cost depends mainly on the area in Auckland where the piano is located. We charge $160 if you live in the Devonport peninsula and $170 in Auckland City, North Shore and surrounding suburbs.

Additional travel expenses apply for certain out-lying suburbs.

If your piano hasn't been tuned in many years the pitch might have dropped flat and we would need to pitch raise the piano before the tuning if you need your piano tuned at concert pitch (440Hz).

This quick pre-tuning takes about 30 minutes and we charge $60 extra for that service.

The cost of tuning an upright, a grand piano or an over damper upright piano is the same.


Pianos have thousands of different parts in the action, the keys and the sounding body. Over time and with constant playing especially the mechanism wears down as there are lots of friction points in leather, felt and wood. There are different problems in different pianos depending on factors like usage in the past, position and general quality of the piano.

For example one has just some slightly worn hammers and squeaky pedals, an other one has almost completely moth-eaten action and damper felts as well as extremely worn hammers, key-bushings and weak actionsprings additionally to a cracked soundboard. Therefore it is not possible to provide a standard price for a piano repair. 

We always have to inspect the piano thoroughly in order to see what is broken, worn out or just dirty and what really needs to be repaired or replaced. We will encourage you to get your piano repaired if we feel that the level of service is a good investment for your piano.