Piano Corner Repair & Tuning : FAQ's

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Why does my piano go out of tune?

The main reason for pianos to go out of tune is the change of humidity and temperature , the soundboard(*) will either absorb or reject  moisture in the air and therefore the string's tension will be modified.

Direct sunlight or any source of heat close to the piano are also enemies of tuning stability.

*The soundboard being curved  carries the pressure of the strings tension. The amount of the  curve is exactly defined to allow an even relationship between pressure and transmission of  vibrational energy to the sounding body.

How often should I have my piano tuned?

We recommend to have your piano tuned at least  once a year for a normal use but every six month is preferable for a more intensive playing.

piano should also be tuned before a concert or serious performance as well as after being moved.

We provide a non-committal tuning reminder service by request so that you won't forget when it is time for the next tuning.

What is the best position for my piano in the house?

The best position for a piano is on an inside wall away from direct sunlight. You should avoid drafts and nearby heating elements. A constant humidity and temperature level keeps the tuning but also the all structure stable. 

Why use a registered technician?

Piano tuner is not a regulated profession in New Zealand so someone without any qualifications can claim to be one, and unfortunately there are a lot of unqualified tuners out there.

Using a registered technician gives you the assurance and guarantee that your piano will be taken care of properly as registered technicians follow a code of ethics.

You wouldn't go to an unregistered doctor for your health, treat your piano with the same care!

Who should I call when I want to have my piano moved?

We don't move pianos ourselves but can recommend some very professional piano movers.

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