Piano Repairs & Service Corner

From a basic service to some more comprehensive repairs, we can advise what your piano really needs to match your expectations and to reach its full potential.

Hammer reshaping



A basic service on your piano will include:

  • hammer reshaping (we remove the string cuts to improve the tone quality)

  • adjusting and lubricating the pedals

  • clean the keys, action and inside the piano

  • polish the key pins 

  • identify and eliminate any unwanted noise in the action, pedals and trap work

  • full regulation and voicing

  • tuning at concert pitch 


What can you expect from this?

You will feel that the touch of your piano is consistent, very responsive and clearly defined and the sound is clean, clear and even.

upright piano action sliced
grand piano voicing, piano regulation

A more comprehensive service depending on your needs could include:

  • replacement of felt, cloth, leather or any too old or worn out parts

  • replacement of the white key tops and blacken the sharp keys

  • restoration of old ivories, ivory chip repair

  • new key bushings

  • new set of tapes

  • new hammer but springs /   damper springs / jack springs

  • new set of hammers 

  • new set of dampers

  • string replacement

restringing in progress 3.jpg