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Piano Tuner Corner

upright piano hammer head

Our aim is to get all those strings in tune not only with themselves but at concert pitch (A 440Hz).

Having your piano tuned and checked at least once a year will truly help the stability of the tuning and also prevent potential issues with the harmonic structure and action getting worse, especially with older instruments.


For your peace of mind, and for taking care of your musical investment, book an appointment and we will do the very best we can to improve your piano to its full potential.

A modern piano has 88 keys for a total of around 220 strings, and as an example a concert grand piano will have up to 20 tons of tension.


Your piano is mainly made out of wood with an iron frame to hold the strings' tension. The soundboard particularly will expand depending on changes in the surrounding humidity. This is the main reason pianos go out of tune, along with heavy playing… 

If your piano hasn’t been tuned for many years it is possible that the tension of the strings has loosened and the pitch dropped flat. It means that your piano sounds out of tune but also at the wrong pitch which will prevent you from playing with other instruments or playing along with a recording.

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